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FireFloo is an instant messaging communicator combining the open XMPP standard (Jabber, GMail Chat etc.) with the echo protocol for multi-encrypted messaging. Use various methods to send chipertext over open standards like libgcrypt and encrypt your private communication.

"Pack & Secure your Chat before flying.."


Fly - Floo - FireFloo. :-)

FireFloo communicator multi-encrypts every chat packet before it is sent out to international internet habors.

Your Chat in FireFloo is based on modern and revised open source encryption technologies like RSA, ElGamal, AES, SSL and uses modern chat protocols like the echo protocol and the xmpp protocol in this integrated client.

Exchange with your friends from Gmail or XMPP an encryption key and secure your chat. Either one to one, or in a groupchat like IRC.

This tiny, integrated client is ready to compile for Android, Jolla Sailfish or Ubuntu Mobile Devices including Mac, Win and Linux Desktop versions. Download e.g. the Windows-Version now to evaluate it.

Double-click in the friendslist, and you open the pop-up window for private 1:1 chat with a certain friend. When you see the Gemini-Icon in the left bottum edge, then you know, this chat is end-to-end encrypted (symmetric encryption).

You can re-new the Gemini by a click with right mouse (context menu) on a friend in your friendslist:

When you see this lock-icon in your friendslist, then you know: this is a friend, with whom you have exchanged public encryption keys. This chat is at any time encrypted symmetric (with RSA or ELGamal encryption). You can additionally set a Gemini for end-to-end encryption on communication with these friends who have this lock-icon.

An own chat-server is set up easily in the settings tab; or: use one from the provided servers.


Latest Updates

FireFloo released

The first release of FireFloo Communicator 1.0 beta is available. DL and test it now.

A new Whatsapp alternative for encrypted chat based on XMPP and encrypting protocol libraries has been released - currently for desktop.



FireFloo Commuicator 1.0 beta provides encrypted chat and group-chat based on asymmetric (RSA or ElGamal) encryption or, second, a symmetic chat based on end-to-end encryption.

The chat app is hybrid with XMPP and the libgcrypt library for the encryption.

An own chat server is easily installed with this application, currently provided for windows desktop.
Linux and Mac OS X compile files are given and easily to adjust to the windows compile (pro-files).

A mobile layout is given as well and soon ready for a mobile compile, if - as the app is open source - the community supports it and helps with the development.

The indish FireFloo-Team around the Q-XMPP founder and developers appreciates contributions from the community for further encryption evaluations, gui development and mobile compiles.

Get in touch with other Floo' s at the FireFloo Forum:

libspoton released
The initial release of the multi-encrypting messaging library libspoton has been made.
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libQXMPP released
The latest Qt Libarary QXMPP for XMPP has been released.
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The open communications protocol for instant messaging (IM).


Echo is the multi-encrypted messaging protocol.


Secure Communication based on open standards within this integrated beautiful chat-client.